Jayr Parro

Xcode Integration of Subversion (SVN)

Previously, I’m integrating my Xcode project to SVN. I’ve followed Jeff LaMarche tutorial here but I’ve found out it’s outdated in the last part since it is based on the previous release of Xcode, I think. The beginning and the middle part is still correct.

So if you’re using Xcode 3.2+ like the one I’m using for my project, follow this direction for Jeff’s “Not Quite Yet Done” section of his tutorial.

In Xcode 3.2, click the SCM menu → Configure SCM for this project. A submenu would appear like below:

Then, Click on the Configure Roots & SCM, a pop-up menu would appear like the one below:

Click on that and select the proper repository being configured for this project.

Once you’ve done that, a new column will appear in your project’s Group & Files Pane. If the new column is not visible, right-click the header of the Group & Files Pane then, select SCM. This new column tells you the status of the file in the repository.

For further reference, please see Apple’s Xcode Source Management Guide.

Thanks also to Jeff for a good blog on this stuff! Cheers! :)