Jayr Parro


Hi, there! I’m Leonardo Parro Jr., aka Jayr.

I’m a Software Engineer by profession, and currently focusing into Mobile Development - iOS, Android.

Prior to that, I’d been messing into different programming languages and platforms like C/C++, C# and Java.

My first dive into mobile development was an app implementation & feature enhancement of Handheld Remote Approval Program (HHRAP) as one of the product services of NCR. Store personnel can approve/reject store interventions/issues in a network of Self-checkout terminals. HHRAP was deployed on Symbol MC50 Enterprise PocketPC that’s running on Windows Mobile OS 2003 edition.

When not slinging code, I enjoy most of my time spending it with my wife and lovely daughter! :-)

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This blog is built and published with Octopress. Every article is crafted in Markdown and its hosted in Heroku. This blog is to share my knowledge, ideas, rants in tech space and in life. All views expressed on this blog are my own and don’t reflect the views of my employer.